Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ear Rings & Necklace sets - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Among our many offerings is a collection of

Ear Rings and Necklace Sets.


$ 9.99
$ 11.50
$ 11.50
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
And for Him

$ 9.99
$ 6.99

We ship worldwide

Thank you for your interest.
Sir Richard, Lord of the Manor

Friday, February 27, 2009

Earning money from Blog advertising

Have you noticed how cluttered so many blogs are with advertising? (Notice that mine has NONE)

All those ads really turn me off. And, sometimes, it makes it hard to follow the train of thought in the blog. I mean, if your readers get distracted, what have you accomplished.

But, from a bloggers point of view, I can understand why you/we would like to earn a little extra money from our efforts.

Well, I found this great site that pays you to comment on products, services and websites WITHOUT it looking like you're just a shill for some other companies.

We all have thoughts about various products and web sites that we want to shout from the rooftops. Sometimes we like the product and sometimes we don't Well, will pay you to post your comments and observations - even negative ones (although I'm sure that they don't want you to get too carried away). Have you seen all those "work at home on your computer" ads on TV? Of course, they want you to send in money to learn how to do it. NO NEED TO !!!!

I'll tell you here and now FOR FREE how to earn some extra money on your computer. Just set up an account with them - it's free. Then tell the world what you think about selected products and GET PAID. Sure beats heavy lifting.

You can find them here: Good luck.

Cordially, Sir Richard Lord of the Manor

Dragons & Gargoyles Candle Holders & Incense Burners

Among our many offerings is a collection of Candle Holders and Incense Burners
featuring, predominantly, Dragons and Gargoyles.

Spun from the dreams of fantasy,
intricate in detail,
and rich in painstakingly hand painted colors.
$ 12.50
$ 9.99
$ 14.95

$ 13.95

$ 23.95

$ 17.99

$ 9.99
$ 9.99
$ 12.50
10" x 7" x 13" tall
$ 57.50

Set of 3
$ 89.50

9" x 12" tall
$ 19.95

$ 12.99

$ 19.50

$ 12.99

$ 9.99
The candles and incense are shown for effect only and are generally not included.

We ship worldwide

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Sir Richard, Lord of the Manor

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hat and Lapel Pins - Free Shipping Worldwide

Among our many offerings is a collection of all metal Hat and Lapel Pins.

And these are just SOME of the pins that we offer.

Novelty Hat or Lapel Pins - $4.99 each - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Fire Department
Fire Department
EMT Insignia
Masonic Symbol
Order of the Elks
Liberty or Else
Confederate States of America
South Will Rise Again
Southern Girl
Heritage not Hate
Battle Flag
Dixie Rose
International Flags and Themes
U.S. & U.K. Flags
Irish Shamrock
Mexican Flag
Soviet Air Hero
Puerto Rico

Military and Patriotic
POW MIA Ribbon
Spectre Gunship
101rst Airborne
1rst Marine
Air Wing

Air National Guard
Disabled American Veterans
WW2 Nose Art
Trains, Trucks and other Vehicles
Antique Train
Farm Tractor
Earth Mover
Tractor Trailer
School Bus

U. S. Cities and States

I Love
New York

Lake Tahoe
Las Vegas
Washington D.C.

Although typically referred to as a Hat Pin
these are also ideal as a Lapel Pin, Scarf Clasp, Tie Tac, or a Bulletin Board Push Pin.


Get a pair for the Epaulets of a military style shirt or jacket, or a traditional Trench Coat.

All of our Pins are Brand New, have never been used,
and are individually Carded and Bagged.

We ship worldwide

Please Click Here to see the entire Hat Pin collection.

To search by specific themes, please notice that there is a block
on the left side of the next page labelled "Store Categories".
Click on "Hat Pin Tie Tac FREE SHIPPING " and the list will expand to show each theme available.

Have Fun !

Thank you for your interest.
Sir Richard, Lord of the Manor