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Monday, March 30, 2009

United States Air Force

Among our many offerings is a salute to the Men and Women
of the U. S. Military who stand In Harm's Way defending our freedoms.
Well Done !

Today we salute the

United States Air Force
and its' predecessor the
United States Army Air Corps of World War II

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Air Force Emblem and Flag

Air Force Emblem

Air National Guard

US and Air Force Flags

AC130 Gunship

Strategic Air Command

Tactical Air Command

The Thunderbirds

U. S. Army Air Corps of World War II

8th Air Force

14th Air Force

Flying Tigers

Nose Art

Mostly associated with the bombers of World War 2, "Nose Art" was
the individual cartoon, slogan or barely dressed lady that kept up many an airman's spirit.
Works of art, each and every one of them, they lent an individuality to each and every plane.

Fly Girl

Heavenly Body

Lucky Lady

Photo Fanny


Columbia Shuttle

Columbia Shuttle


Thank you for your interest.
Sir Richard, Lord of the Manor