Sunday, May 24, 2009

Medieval Dragons and Gargoyles - part 1

Among our many offerings is a salute to

Medieval England
Celtic, Dragons and Gargoyles

Part 1

Spun from the dreams of fantasy,
intricate in detail,
and rich in the Mythology of the Middle Ages.

Double Dragon "Hourglass"
$ 19.99

Quad Gargoyle "Hourglass"
$ 19.95

Double Dragon "Hourglass"
$ 44.95

Celtic Weave Suspenders
$ 11.99

Double Dragon Desk or Mantle Clock
$ 59.95

Double Dragon
Wall Mount Clock
$ 37.95

Winged Dragon
Table Clock
$ 21.50

Celtic Wizard
Table Clock
$ 9.95

Dragon Claw Jewelry Box - $ 12.95
Gargoyle Jewelry Box - $ 10.99
Dragon Claw
Wine Glass
$ 27.50

Winged Dragon
Wine Glass
$ 27.50

Dragon on a Bridge
$ 19.99

And, of course, with all these Dragons on the loose
you need someone to protect the castle

Medieval Knight Night Light
$ 59.95

Novelty Figurines - $19.99 each

And this is just a small sampling of the
dozens of Dragon and Gargoyle items we offer.

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